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GAME THREAD: Yankees vs. Blue Jays 5/01


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Rajai Davis - CF

Yunel Escobar - SS

Jose Bautista - RF

Adam Lind - 1B

Juan Riveram - LF

J.P. Arencibia - C

David Cooper - DH

Edwin Encarnacion - 3B

John McDonald - 2B

Jesse Litsch (2-1, 2.86 ERA)


Derek Jeter - SS

Curtis Granderson - CF

Mark Teixeira - 1B

Alex Rodriguez - 3B

Robinson Cano - 2B

Nick Swisher - RF

Jorge Posada - DH

Brett Gardner - LF

Francisco Cervelli - C

Ivan Nova - P (1-2, 5.82 ERA)

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    • Sounds like you're making an argument for Frazier?  A ball in play is better than a K for hitters too! Wily vets and junk-ballers have been around for ages.  Their success/failure is about the quality of contact.  A ball in play (i.e. the strength of Frazier) is out of the pitcher's control.  So everything leading up to the point of contact matters:  pitch mix, hitter's anticipation/approach, release point, speed/movement, angle of approach, hitter's swing path and timing, defensive positioning...  Many more variables that have to line up for a low-K rate pitcher. There's more than one path to success.
    • There is zero evidence that says, if you get more Ks you throw more pitches. We have seen tons of starts where pitchers get lots of Ks and have their pitch count be efficient. Pitch count generally rises because of baserunners. The less outs you get, the more baserunners you have, the more pitches you throw. Now, as with any rule, there are always exceptions but saying pitching to contact leads to a lower pitch count is factually wrong. Means has been pitching to contact since he was brought up and he threw a lot of pitches and only made it through 5.  
    • Ok,  Grayson on Thursday vs Means on Saturday  
    • 100% agree about the weather.its too cold in march. some fans live in florida or down south/out west where its spring most of the year.maybe climate change will fix it in the future
    • Wow. Two starts. That proves what exactly? It wasn't even against the same opponent. Why not just bring up a Nolan Ryan game from the 60's?
    • You are the one making the claim. Shouldn't it fall upon you to provide evidence? We've been over this before. You post opinion as fact and get defensive when I question you. I politely asked for you to provide evidence for something you stated as a fact. I wasn't rude about it, I even included a helpful tip for you to improve the grammar of your posts. I don't think the actual evidence supports your claim.  I think a lack of swing and miss is going to lead to extended at bats which will cause the overall total number of pitches to be similar.  But that's just an opinion.  
    • Bradish on Wednesday vs Means on Saturday
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