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Machado injured?


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Asheville Bottom of the 1st

Defensive switch from third base to shortstop for Jonathan Schoop.

Defensive Substitution: Adam Gaylord replaces shortstop Manuel Machado, batting 3rd, playing third base.

Delmarva Shorebirds shortstop Manuel Machado left the game due to an injured knee.

Rafael Ortega strikes out swinging.

Helder Velazquez grounds out, second baseman Mychal Givens to first baseman Michael Flacco.

Bryce Massanari strikes out swinging.

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He walked in his first at bat. Maybe he fouled a ball off his knee?

He was also thrown out at third base on what sounds like a kind of odd play with the bases loaded. Machado was on 2nd.

Michael Flacco lines into a force out, center fielder Rafael Ortega to second baseman Russell Wilson. Jonathan Schoop scores. Manuel Machado out at 3rd. Kipp Schutz to 2nd. Michael Flacco to 1st.

So maybe he got hurt running to third or running to second on the previous play? Or if it was close at third he could have injured it at the bag.

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