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Hip Hip Jorge no More


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I was about to post this when I rechecked to see if someone else started a thread, so I will just add to yours:

The twitterverse is alight with speculation following the Yankees Jorge Posada taking himself out of the lineup tonight.

Is this it for Jorge? Is he just frustrated over his lack of production? Is he throwing a hissy fit because he was slotted 9th?

Will the Yankees release him or try and recoup the 11 million owed this season if this is the end?

Its early and maybe he will come to his senses tomorrow but I expected a bit more out of Jorge.

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So either he is a crybaby who can't handle the hard truth of his age catching up to him, or he lied to the team by not telling them he is hurting in a way that can severely affect his performance.

I don't know if he can or should be cut, but several games on the bench, possibly with Montero in the lineup doing Posada's job, could do him some good.

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And the Posada-less Yankees proceeded to lose to the game to the Red Sox, 6-0. It´s a great day in baseball when the Orioles win by a shutout, and the Yanks lose by a shutout .......... both by scores of 6-0. :cool:

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Some really abrasive quotes by Cashman:

"It is interesting because I told Jorge Posada exactly what I was going to say to the media," Cashman said in a phone interview late last night. "I said, 'This is your creation and you'll have to explain it.' . . . He can't put this on me. This was not my situation."
"If we felt Jorge was toast we'd pull the plug now," he said.
"I think Jorge has some damage control to deal with," Cashman said, "and I hope he deals with it the best way possible."


What is going on with Cashman?

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