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The crazy minor league numbers thread


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Inspired by a mention of Gary Redus on billjamesonline.com, I wanted to start a thread on the craziest minor league performances of all time.

To start it off, here's the bb-ref page for the 1978 Billings Mustangs of the Pioneer League. This was a rookie league and Redus was 21, so he was old for the league. And it was a hitter's league. But Redus hit .462 with a .787 slugging percentage. Short season, 68 game schedule, and the team went 50-18, outscoring the opposition by almost three runs a game.

BB-ref doesn't have full stats so OBP is a guess, but it looks like Redus' OPS was in the neighborhood of 1.300. He led the league in batting average by 81 points, was 2nd in homers and doubles, and you have to assume he had some pretty fair R/RBI totals.

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As a 20-year-old in the AAA American Association Willie Mays played 35 games and put up a .477/.524/.799 line. Had 29 extra base hits in 135 at bats. Despite being a guy later known for scoring from first base on a routine single he grounded into seven double plays.

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