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Hobgood MAY be behind schedule


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Just a quick and UNOFFICIAL update on Matt Hobgood's progress in Sarasota. My sources in Sarasota feel that Matt is not progressing according to plan. They also suggest that he still seems to have some soreness in his shoulder. I don't know when his scheduled follow-up MRI is to occur, but I'll see what I can find out. Again, this is not confirmed or official.

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I think he must of come to us injured. He didnt have any velocity when he got to Bluefield. What a total bummer.

If you had to predict it right now I would say he never pitches an inning in the big leagues.

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Meanwhile, Tyler Matzek has a 2.27 ERA. Wait, no, that's his WHIP. His ERA is 9.22. Maybe Hobgood was a bad pick, but Matzek would have been far more crippling.

Matzek went 5-1 2.92 ERA with 88K's in 89.1 innings last season. Heck he is averaging over K/inning now. He does have serious control problems but I would rather take my chances with him.

Not sure how he would have been "crippling" in any case.

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Matzek's 3.9M bonus vs. Hobgood's 2.4. Also it was a shot at all the people complaining that picking Hobgood over Matzek was "crippling", "unjustifiable", or my personal favorite, that it "failed up" the Orioles' farm system.

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