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Schilling still with the Sawx.


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This makes me happy. He can have a terrible year in Boston instead of in Baltimore.

The deal is for one year and 8 million.

Two notes:

"Did I leave money on the table? Yes. Could I have gotten another year? I think so," Schilling said on his Web site. "Looking at the teams that called, my best guess would be around $14 million-$15 million for a one-year deal with the potential to get $25 million-$30 million for a two-year deal."

Schilling said he spoke with Houston's Drayton McLane and Ed Wade, and Philadelphia's Bill Giles. But he and his family preferred to stay with Boston.

"We got exactly what we wanted, and then some," he said. "This is where we want our career to come to a close. This city, this team. This is where we want to retire, raise our kids, and walk away. We got it, all of it, and more

I always hate to see a player give a discount to the MFYs or Boston. But you can't really hate Schilling.

Also there is a weight clause in the contract with incentives for him to stay in shape. This was his idea, I gues to affirm his dedication.

"I inserted the weigh-in clause in the second round of offers, counteroffers," Schilling said. "Given the mistakes I made last winter and into spring training, I needed to show them I recognized that, and understood the importance of it. Being overweight and out of shape are two different things. I also was completely broadsided by the fact that your body doesn't act/react the same way as you get older."
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With the cost of pitching these days and the young starters who will have limited innings counts, I am glad that Curt is staying in Boston. Hopefully this year he will arrive in good shape and will continue to work on pitches that he can get outs for.

I was kind of reluctant to have him back, but the playoffs changed all that. It makes since to lock him up and perhaps go with a six man rotation, or at the least, have enough pitchers to rest some of the young and old guys.

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According to Cots

may earn $6M in bonuses:

* $3M in performance bonuses based on innings ($0.375M each for 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190 & 200 IP)

* $1M award bonus for receiving one Cy Young vote

* $2M in weight clauses ($333,333 each for maintaining weight in 6 random weigh-ins, one per month, during season)

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YAY US! Schilling is done. If he's a part of the Sawx rotation, all the rest of the AL East breathes a sigh of relief one day in five.

Or six... as the case may be... :rolleyes:

Is this a joke? He had an ERA+ of 122 this year, 120 in 2006. Is it the 150 he's put up multiple times earlier in his career? No. Can he break 90 MPH any more? No. But I see no evidence that he's done. On the contrary, he seems to have made a significant adjustment to compensate for his lost velocity, and if he actually works out this offseason instead of sitting around playing Everquest, I think the Red Sox got a bargain. Especially when you consider that Boras wants $40 million for Kyle Lohse. KYLE LOHSE!!!

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    • I don't think we really disagree about much. There is wide array of ticket prices. And I think even Fan Price Index shows the Orioles being particularly fair, and if I recall correctly their family of four number for 2022 was $156 You're reading my comments as if they were directed at the Orioles. They were not. Nor were they a criticism, as much as an identification of one of the factors that is feeding the decline of generational popularity in baseball. Many of us have a love for the game. For me that love was cemented by two things. My Dad taking me to the ballpark as a kid... and my Little League experience as a kid.  Affordability was a big part of that. When I was a kid we didn't have two nickles to rub together. My father worked two jobs to make ends meet. Mom delivered newspapers to keep us ahead of the bills. But we could still afford to go to 33rd St a couple times a year... Saw Mark Belanger hit a home run...  that was a rare feat.. and I had a ratty old mitt and some fish-heads to play Little League with. I found old deposit bottles in the woods and took 'em to the 7-11 to buy baseball cards. That's where I fell in love with the game. Eventually my father built a very successful business. and we didn't have to worry about that kind of thing.. But I kept my love for the game that was built in those early experiences. Baseball was once literally the cost of a matinee movie...  stands were packed... all the time... but slowly.. generationally.. this has changed... the last generation to FULLY embrace baseball were boomers...  I guess there's a part of me that thinks selling out every game ...and families embracing is early might change the trajectory baseball is on... wishful thinking maybe      
    • The same thing happened in San Francisco when Roman was there.   They had one truly great season with Kaepernick, and then nothing.   Not that I'm comparing Lamar to Kaepernick, but at their best under Roman, they are pretty similar. I don't know if they are using this system because they think Lamar can't handle a more complex system, or because Roman is stuck using the same stuff over and over.    Roman needs to be gone regardless of what happens with Lamar.  They need to get rid of Ricard and start running a real pro-style offense.   
    • I guess I’ve reached the point of the off-season where I’m at do we really need to add a bat?  Stowers and Vavra spent the last 1/3 of the season up. Westburg is ready. Cowser could be ready are June.    Is Brantley, Voit, or Mancini worth even a one year deal?  I could see us rolling with what we have, figuring out what we have, and signing a vet depth bat like Jesus Aguilar to a milb deal with a ST invite. If we need a bat, we can always get a rental at the deadline. 
    • Interesting to see these numbers in such black and white. It's a huge problem and from what I can tell, its a problem with the calls not coming in quickly. I don't know if the play calls are too complicated, but Jackson rarely gets to get back there, look at the defense, and then snap it early  instead of at zero when you know the defense can get good jumps. This has been a constant problem with Roman, and the fact it hasn't been fixed tells me a it's a limitation of Roman's play calling ability.
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