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Posada Back in the Yankees Lineup at 7th Spot


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Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news?slug=ap-yankees-lineup

Seriously Girardi? The guy throws a hissy fit and refuses to play because you slotted him at 9th in the batting order, and your response is to put him in the order batting two spots higher the next time he plays?

I'm not going to totally trash Posada here. I understand people have bad days, and he apologized the next day, so we can chalk it up to frustration and being an out of character moment. But the correct response on the part of manager is to put him in the lineup right back in that 9th slot, at least the first time back. The way things played out, it looks like Girardi caved to a 39 year old hitting .165 who is too broken down to field his old position on a regular basis.

Again, not jumping on Posada too much -- he apologized and I support the right of any player to keep playing as long as he wants to as long as he is willing to accept the role his performance dictates (i.e. batting lower in the order, maybe having to switch positions, teams, or leagues, etc..). But you can't respond to the guy refusing to play because he was hitting 9th by moving him up in the order. That's just stupid.

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