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O's vs. Royals 5/25


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Does Reynolds infuriate anyone else as much as he infuriates me?

At times, yes. But that was not one of those times. He had to make a perfect play to get him. Shouldn't have been an error IMO.

2 K's for Arrieta but way too many pitches.

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    • No I saw it and I don’t disagree that it may have hurt him. It’s part of the reason I don’t agree with where OAA, which is the best defensive stat imo, had him which was essentially average.  I think he’s better than that. I don’t think he’s elite, at least he sure as hell wasn’t last year.  His arm is elite but I don’t think the rest of his defense over there is.  
    • Contented O 2:04 Are Norby and Cowser enough to headline a trade package for Cease? I think if they can get it done without moving Holliday Mayo Kjerstad Westburg Basallo, giddy up!   Eric A Longenhagen 2:04 not for me, bro.     Not even close
    • How about more pics, videos and current info about Holliday than arguing about whether or not he will be the O's main SS in the future.  I'm sure that Holliday will play some SS for the O's this year but am way more interested in what he is doing now. 
    • romorr 1:44 I don't really think Chayce McDermott has done enough to be a starter, but there were some signs late. Still a MIRP/SIRP for  you? Or do you think there is "more" that could get him a spot in the rotation.   Eric A Longenhagen 1:45 of the guys with relief risk in that 45 FV area he's the one I think has the best chance to iron things out. he's so loose and long and athletic...gonna be an impact arm of some kind.
    • No, what I said is that a second baseman wouldn’t be THIS highly regarded. You just don’t see it or at least, it’s very rare. I never said they can’t be a top 15-20 prospect. All I have ever said about the position in terms of an argument like this is that you don’t draft a second base only guy with the first pick and you rarely, if ever, see a second base only guy as a consensus #1 prospect. I don’t see how there is anything false with what I said there when you consider the history of these lists and the history of the draft.
    • Pretty sure you don’t. My opinion on that subject is based on how the position has been treated and how drafts treat them and scouts, etc…if it were a position treated differently, I would look at it differently. 
    • Just as you suggest that I am overlooking things, I think you are overlooking the fact that Gunnar split his time between 3B and SS last year. He's now had an entire offseason to prepare as the SS, came to camp knowing that he will be the starting SS, etc. I'm with Cal on the idea of limiting how much Gunnar moves about the infield. Give me an entire year of Gunnar at SS and I bet he's in the running for a GG. Hell, he should have won it for Utility last year. 
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