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With the draft now only a week away, you gotta love everything coming out about this kid and I would love to see him wearing black and orange. If he's the best talent in the draft, take him, I don't care that he's in high school. What a nice story it would be if he and his brother become two driving forces moving through our system together. Our lineup is going to suck for the foreseeable future, but looks at the Rays...you need pitching to compete in our division. A rotation featuring Britton, Matusz, Arrieta, and both Bundys could be scary good for a long time!

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I would be happy with Bundy ...I think they should draft Rendon or Starling and if both are gone they should draft Bundy.... Hultzen is a cop out choice based on Law. He has the lowest ceiling of the top pitchers ...but he's expected in the bigs the fastest.

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