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Later round targets?

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Anyone have any guys they've heard of that aren't going to be top round picks but you'd like to see the O's grab?

I know I've seen Kevin Brady thrown around already. From previous years we've had guys like the "other" Flacco brother, and this year a lot of the top talk revolves around the "other" Bundy brother.

How about the Snyder twins? Brandon's brothers Mike (Florida Southern) and Matt (Mississippi) are both out there today. Figured I'd see if there is some love for these guys out there (especially considering that I know at least one of them reads OH from time to time) and see how late Nick might see them going. I have no clue, I'd say 2nd day if I had to guess though.

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I would not be surprised if the O's take RHP Malcolm Clapsaddle (Santa Fe CC (Florida)) again. He was a 34th rounder in 2009. He went to Georgia and then transferred to Santa Fe for this season.

He has pitched fairly well this year and I know John Martin likes him.

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