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Dylan Bundy says he would hit Bryce Harper 'all four at-bats'

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Matt Vencel of The Sun reported it... referring to Dylan Bundy's thoughts about Bryce Harper's 'kiss'.


At the end of the interview, Davis asked the Bundy brothers how they would handle Bryce Harper if he blew them a kiss after hitting a home run like the cocky Nationals prospect did in a game Monday night.

“If I was pitching the next game, I would hit him all four at-bats,” said Dylan Bundy, winning over most of Baltimore with that answer.

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Here's hoping we are treated to the two of them facing off in the near future.

Hehehe yeah. Funny thing with me is that as late as just days leading up to the draft, I wanted Starling. I still think he would've been a great pick, but I'm pleased we got the guy (Bundy) I'd have taken there as well.

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Haha, I love it... sounds like he has a little Roger Clemens esque fire to him. And no, before anyone says it, I'm not expecting Bundy to be as good as Clemens.

Really, the first thing I thought when I heard about how intense his workouts are. This only furthers that comparison. Obviously, doesn't mean he's going to be Clemens but the dicipline, mindset, and intensity he's shown will only help him get the most of his career.

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    • OBJ was always going to be held out of this game imo. With the weather being what it potentially could be, all of these guys are probably out this week unless the injuries aren’t that bad and they practice today.  But Stanley and Linderbaum are obviously out, as are Humphrey and Williams.
    • That’s not true. They May be holding him back and not playing him vs the Colts because of that BUT it’s basically a guarantee that he’s out for Cleveland as well. Hes obviously still not ready for practice, so while they shouldn’t need him vs the Colts, that’s not why he isn’t playing.
    • Hicks and Frazier should not be lumped together, but I don’t see how either of them should be left off the playoff roster.  Hicks has been outstanding with the O’s.  In just over 1/3 of a full season (58 games 211 PAs) he has hit .293/.389/.453/.842 witch is good for a OPS+ of 135.  Frazier hasn’t been great, but he’s still posted a 1.7 rWAR, has some position flexibility, and probably has the best contact skills on the team. I get not wanting Frazier to start so much and I also understand that the O’s may have been better off with Joey Ortiz, but its tough to argue with the O’s success.  
    • Touché though on your first post.  As he struggled for command, I was agreeing with you.  😗
    • Pretty poor game overall last night.  I felt like we played pretty lousy against them in BAL as well.  CLE fans must be wondering how we're the top team in the league.
    • It saddens me that we are going to the playoffs with Hicks and Frazier on the roster when we have better players available. I suspect there will be a thread just like this lamenting a playoff loss. Do not understand Elias not going all in on this team, not at the trade deadline and not with the playoff roster. 
    • You guys are all too wrapped up in the pick thing. There is zero chance, outside of a string of injuries or really awful play, that he is held back so he has rookie status in 2025. I guess the one scenario that could cause them to hold back is if the team sucks next year. If they start off terribly and are essentially out of the race by early May, maybe that causes them to hold him back. But really, outside of injuries, those 2 scenarios are pretty far fetched. You just  have to pay attention to how they are developing him. They didn’t push him this quickly through the minors to make him have 600 at bats at that level.  It’s just not happening. It’s completely illogical.
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