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D. Bundy and Machado versus Taillon and Rendon

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How do Taillon, and Bundy compare? Both were #1 ranked HS pitchers when they were drafted, is one better then the other? Which would you rather have in your system

IIRC, the general consensus among most experts is Bundy rates out higher.

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I am not a big fan of taking anyone first overall who has an injury concern, that especially holds true for the #4 pick. I like Rendon, but for me his value goes down if he plays second and can not hit for power. I do like college players better because I think they are safer picks. You get to see them against better competition and they are further developed. All of this being said, Taillon and Rendon did not go to the Pittsburgh Pirates, just Taillon. Therefore Machado and Bundy were the best combination for us IMO. If Rendon was healthy and we passed I would have been upset, but if he was healthy he would have likely went #2 overall to Seattle.

I think Machado was a no brainer last year and Bundy, Starling and Rendon would have been solid picks for various reasons, but I really like Starling and would probably rate him higher than Rendon. The Orioles did good, now let's see how things play out.

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