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Mark Connor Resigns


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In a shocking development, the Orioles have announced that pitching coach Mark Connor resigned for "personal reasons."

Connor was in his first season as pitching coach, having replaced Rick Kranitz over the winter.

Bullpen coach Rick Adair has been named pitching coach. Former hitting coach Terry Crowley replaces Adair on an interim basis.

Connor, 61, was in his 36th season in professional baseball after serving the last two years as a special assistant in the player development department of the Texas Rangers.

That's all I've got at the moment.


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Going to do nothing with the pitching you would assume, would figure the O's believe he is the best available coach to add to the team as a whole. Which will only make things odd for the hitters with Pressley.

Is pretty shocking. Adair has plenty of experience though, so should not change much.

It says interim basis for Crow...Hopefully that just means he is there for right now because he is traveling with the team or something like that.

Too sudden for them to get Griffin up here?

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