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Shortest O's books ever written, 2011 version

Moose Milligan

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I think enough time has surpassed in this season to bring this back.

Life In The Fast Lane, by Chris Tillman, forward by Brian Matusz

101 Home Remedies For Soft Hands by Mark Reynolds

Patience by Vladimir Guerrero

My Distaste For The Save Rule by Buck Showalter

Slamming The Door by Kevin Gregg

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Believe in Yourself, and Others Will Believe in You, by Mike Gonzalez

Contract Year, Schmontract Year, by J.J. Hardy

Building on a Good First Impression, by Nolan Reimold

How to Get By Without a Little Help From Your Friends, by Jake Arrieta

Anything, by Erik Bedard

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Playing Time by Ryan Adams

Rocket Arm by Brian Matusz

The Married Player's Guide to Success in MLB by Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts and Matt Wieters, forward by Jimmy Key.

You stole mine... AT BATS by Ryan Adams lol

1,2,3 innings by Michael Gonzalez

Speed by Vlad

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