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Arizona released Melvin Mora


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Can't blame him for trying to play as long as he could. I can see the Orioles bringing him back in some non-playing capacity after the season.

I could see the O's bringing him back in a playing capacity. Not that they should, but seems like something they'd do.

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What's he going to coach, baserunning? ;)

Maybe he'd be great, in the same way that all those third catchers who hit .202 end up as managers and coaches. He could just show an endless reel of him getting thrown out at home trying to score from first on an infield single down a run in the 9th, and say "don't do that!!!"

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I'll never forget the fact that Melvin always used to tell Adam Jones, "Adam, use TWO HANDS to catch the ball when you have plenty of time to camp under it. One of these days you are going to drop an easy fly ball, and it's going to be at the worst time."

Two years ago, just that happened. With two outs and a runner on second, Adam did his typical nonchalant approach to a an easy fly ball, and he dropped it. The run scored. When Adam went back to the dugout, he wanted to be nowhere near Mora. Mora didn't say a word to Jones. He just went up to him, looked at him with serious eyes, and walked away. Both Jones and Mora knew what that meant.

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How about signing him to be an Intl Scout/roving instructor.

Considering the size of his family, I doubt he is going to want to rove around like that. This is a guy who made $38 mm playing baseball. It's not like he needs the job.

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