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Umpires and ejections in July


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More than the early weeks of April, May and June combined. Some nice quotes from the Earl of Baltimore too.

"You're never going to figure it out. And maybe if the umps got it right once in a while," chuckled Hall of Famer and former manager Earl Weaver, "you wouldn't be having all these problems."

Weaver acknowledged a moment later that he's hardly impartial. He's third on the managers' list of all-time ejections with 97, trailing only Bobby Cox (131) and John McGraw (117). Weaver also watches only two dozen or so games a season from his home in Pembroke Pines, Fla., but he does have a theory.

"Umps are human beings and they have to take a lot of guff, so to some extent, they've always been like that," he said. "But from what I see, more and more they're taking exception to just about everything. I had plenty run-ins, but it seems like the old guys were more secure about the job. It's almost like the newer guys are being taught how to be mean in ump school or something."


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