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Sexual Abuse by Trainer in DR


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It seems the sexual abuse allegations first surfaced in February.

I knew I remembered controversy with Willy Aybar's trainer (Soto):

The Business Of Building Ballplayers

In Dominican Republic, Scouts Find the Talent and Take the Money

Last May (2001 article), when the Dodgers released the first half of Aybar's bonus -- $490,000, after taxes -- Soto deposited the check in a Dominican bank account under his

own name, according to Aybar and his family. Aybar's mother, Francia, said Soto gave her a lump-sum payment of 100,000 pesos, about $6,250, and a monthly

stipend of less than $2,000. He paid the Philadelphia-based agent who negotiated Aybar's contract $35,000. He allegedly kept the rest, about $430,000, for himself.

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