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Guess what, it doesn't matter.


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Rasmus, trades, Darvish. It doesn't matter.

Unless Matusz, Tillman, Britton and Arrieta become the pitchers we all think they are supposed to be, it won't matter one bit.

The Red Sox have been playing .674 ball since they started 2-11 (the lowest point of their season) That is a 109 win pace over the course of a season.

Sure the Yankees are getting older but they will just reload in the offseason no matter what.

Law said it best, you need to build a 90+ win team to even think about competing. Does anyone here legitimately think the Jays have a 90+ team next year? Or the Rays? Maybe they do, but it all comes down to a TON of ifs.

If the Orioles aren't over .500 by the all star break next year you have to blow it up.

Everyone; Jones, Markakis, Wieters, Reimold, Reynolds, Hardy. Everyone. Start over with Schoop, Machado and whoever you get back.

Because right now - it doesn't matter.

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The rotation has all taken a step backwards. Thats pretty much why were in the situation were in. As far as complaining you need a 90+ team to compete with, well whats so terrible about that? If the Orioles were actually half decent, they would cut into the Yankees and Sox win totals. Instead of collapsing like a house of cards against them year after year. Not to mention some bad records vs Toronto and Tampa more years than not.

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Maybe. Building a 90 win team is going to take more than the development of Arrietta, Matusz and Britton. A good organization can build a good team while baking their talent.

Baby steps, boss.

Let Andy master walking/gum without getting Big League Chew all over his sweater vest before asking him to do multiple, business-y things at once.

All the eggs, they're in the basket.

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Boston and NY can both add one-two All-star caliber players EVERY offseason. The Orioles cannot compete.

There are plenty of FA's the Yankees and Red Sox dont sign. No one ever wants to talk about that, and bemoan the Free Agents those teams do get.

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Wow, the head of the Good Ship is cracking.

SJ, you ok dude?

Dude seriously f-off with that crap. If you dared to take the time to read anything I have actually written in my blog over the last six years of my writing you would know that I am not the blithering idiot that some make me out to be.

I have said this before. Rasmus doesn't gain us much of anything because it all comes down to the arms. The Orioles right now, actually have a league average offense. Seriously they do. Right around league average (some stats above, some below) THe only offensive categories where they are WOEFULLY short are walks, and doubles. But even with those deficiencies their team OBP is league average and their team OPS is sixth in the AL.

But the pitching staff is at the bottom or near the bottom of nearly every statistical category - and it isn't particularly close.

Our entire future rests on the shoulders of those players. We will live and die by them. If they die, burn it all; salt the Earth and move on.

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Wieters is becoming painful to watch at the plate. His swings are weak and he is giving away at bats. I can't believe this is the same player we thought was our savior!!!!

Wieters is in a slump, but he is still one of the best catchers in the AL right now both offensively and certainly defensively. What is he at right now, 2.6 WAR? Isn't that like second in the AL?

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The Orioles finished last season at 66-96 good for a .407 winning percentage. In 2011, we are now 41-60, which is a .406 winning percentage. We are now behind the pace of last year's team in the win-loss column.

The Orioles are the only team in the AL East below .500 this season. Our major league team is 3-8 against the Red Sox this year and 0-6 against the Yankees, so we are 3-14 against the top two teams in the division. We are almost 250 runs behind in run differential compared to the top two teams in the AL East over the first 100 or so games. The Rays and Jays farm system and young talent is light years ahead of the Orioles' farm systems and young talent. We have the worst team ERA in the majors by a pretty wide margin.

It doesn't get much worse than this folks. The gap between the Orioles and the rest of the division is huge, and it is not shrinking. Not only would it take a miracle for the Orioles to be above .500 next season, it would take a miracle for the Orioles to not finish in last place in the AL East next year. We don't have to wait to blow up this team until next year. The Orioles front office would be crazy not to be planning at least three years out right now.

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    • I read somewhere that Elias said during this past trade deadline that the other organizations wanted ridiculous return!! We will get screwed in trades. If we want to make improvements for next year, signing FA's is the best way. The cost of FA's are also ridiculous, but we won't have to raid our farm system for 1 player.  Nobody is going to give us a deal.
    • Your new 2025 Oriole all-stars...
    • Bradish looked ridiculously good in his two innings today.  Hopefully he looks like that next Saturday.   Final ERA of 2.83.  What a season.     
    • Who’s the “we”?    Anyway, hey fan however you want. As for me, I’m going to enjoy the opportunity that is right in front of us. Respect to you though.
    • Mountcastle, Wells, Perez, Webb, Urias and Irvin all hit Arb 1 in 2024.  Hays will hit Arb 2 and get a raise from $3.1 million; Mullins will be Arb 2 and will need a raise from $4 million; Means is Arb 3 and will get a raise from $3 million.  Santander will be the most expensive hitting Arb 4 and is currently earning $7.4 million for 2023.  Santander is clearly the most eligible trade candidate looking solely at payroll.  I also see Urias as expendable.  I'm guessing that losing Gibson and Frazier makes the Arb raises somewhere close to a wash. Remember that the O's will also be paying around $22 million in deferred and retained salaries (Davis, Cobb et. al.) in 2024 according to Spotrac. The basic reason to stay cheap is to retain the ability to sign select players like Henderson to early extensions and I hope they do.  I can see a benefit to doing the same with Adley and Means.  Also there's always a need for a FA or two every season.  I predict Hays and Mullins returning in 2024 but only Mullins in 2025 and the O's at a $100 million payroll in 2025 anyway.  Hopefully they can find a sustainable sweet spot around $125 million but I think they build up to it.  
    • I'm optimistic for the postseason in part because the O's got at least one entire series-worth of stink out of their system today: 4 errors, 7 stolen bases given up, 2 wild pitches, 5 unearned runs.  Perez got his periodic implosion out of the way.  Also: Multiple starting pitchers seem to be heating up at the same time: Bradish, Means, Rodriguez. Also: Wells and Irvin looked great out of the pen.  Also: We've seen the last of Lopez, at least for 2023; and possibly Fuji too, depending on Hyde's playoff roster. 
    • Nope.  The seeds are set in advance.  It’s assumed that the highest seed will win and that the O’s are advantaged by playing the 4 seed in the ALDS rather than the 3 seed.  But that breaks down when the 3 seed (which is the 3rd division winner) is actually worse than the 4 seed, or if there’s an upset in the first round so that the 5th or 6th seed advances.    Know what?  I don’t really care.  If the O’s are the best team, they’ll beat whoever is in front of them.        
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