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GAME THREAD: The Hate Bowl II. What will Lackey bring Today ???


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For the most part, John Lackey has had a rough 2011 with a few good starts here and there. One of his good starts came against the Orioles last month. In that one game that he pitched against the Orioles this season, the Birds' batted .136 and were shutout for 6.67 innings. In his one start against the Yankees this season, the New Yorkers batted .318 and scored 6 runs in 5 innings. Which John Lackey will we see today vs. the Yankees ???




Brett Gardner - LF

Derek Jeter - SS

Curtis Granderson - CF

Mark Teixeira - 1B

Robinson Cano - 2B

Nick Swisher - RF

Eric Chavez - 3B

Jorge Posada - DH

Francisco Cervelli - C

C.C. Sabathia - LHP (16-5, 2.55 ERA)


Jacoby Ellsbury - CF

Dustin Pedroia - 2B

Adrian Gonzalez - 1B

Kevin Youkilis - 3B

David Ortiz - DH

Mike Aviles - RF

Carl Crawford - LF

Jarrod Saltalamacchia - C

Marco Scutaro - SS

John Lackey - RHP (9-8, 6.23 ERA)


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So far so good for John Lackey after 3 innings.

Asking him to pitch a decent game in a season that he is struggling badly in is one thing.

Asking him to out-pitch C.C. Sabathia in a season that he is struggling badly in is asking for an almost monumental task.

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Gutty effort by John Lackey today, particularly with his team needing a win to even the series, and also going against the front-runner for the 2011 A.L. Cy Young Award.

IP: 6

H: 6

R: 3

BB: 2

SO: 5

Pitches: 115 (71 Strikes, 44 Balls)

2011 ERA: 6.14

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