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vs. BLUE JAYS 8/06


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Yunel Escobar - SS

Eric Thames - LF

Bautista - RF

Adam Lind - 1B

Edwin Encarnacion - DH

Colby Rasmus - CF

Aaron Hill - 2B

Jose Molina - C

Brett Lawrie - 3B

Brandon Morrow - RHP (8-5, 4.58 ERA)


Robert Andino SS

Nick Markakis - RF

Adam Jones - CF

Vladimir Guerrero - DH

Matthew Wieters - C

Mark Reynolds - 1B

Nolan Reimold - LF

Josh Bell - 3B

Blake Davis - 2B

Chris Tillman - RHP (2-4, 5.16 ERA)

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The O's have a great chance to lose their 15th out of their last 16 series tonight. The lone exception was the 4 game split vs. the Indians to start the 2nd half. We haven't won a series since June 6-8, when we swept Oakland.

This team is beyond pathetic, and I'll be getting drunk tonight to get through this one.

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    • I must say, there are a lot of guys on this team that I worry about next year. Bautista is one of the guys I don’t worry about too much.  The only thing that potentially worries me is will the command issues come back.     Hes a big guy, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see him have some mechanical issues. But overall, I’m expecting him to be really good next year.
    • A view of the HR
    • Excited to see Kjerstad off to a hot start.  Hopefully he can use this as a springboard to starting 2023 at Bowie.  Glad he's made a remarkable comeback.
    • Coupled with a tidy 50% GB rate!  I wonder if he has a filthy sinker that just falls out of the zone that will take some time for him to master its placement?
    • I wonder if Kjerstad has any chance to earn a Bowie opening assignment next year.   A good month here would help. Final results at the A-ball levels were 1201 OPS in 98 Delmarva PA, and 674 in 186 in Aberdeen. Smushed it was 309/394/457 in basically half a season's worth of plate appearances.    The AVG and OBP seem goodish, the SLG maybe restrained by rebuilding strength + Aberdeen. Nice to see him capitalizing on Arizona's park effects right out of the gate.
    • Back of napkin, this adds up to about 6, making us on track for 88 wins, quite a bit above our actual tally of 83-84 (depending on the final two games). Does that suggest we are better than our record and would be expected a few more wins without improvement? We currently have slight negative run differential so it is arguable we are outperforming our talent and need more like 8-9 more wins just to get to 90 win territory.  Grayson should be worth a couple wins. Sign a FA top of rotation guy for a couple more. Means might be good for another extra win in the second half.  I think we can upgrade infield internally first with Westburg, Urias, JoeyO, and Vavra all options to be better than Odor. If they all struggle, maybe look to trade for someone.  Full year of Adley could also give an incremental boost at C.  Cowser and Hall would be candidates to give us some incremental improvement, but neither can be counted on.  I'm still focusing on signing a veteran starting pitcher, bullpen arm, and backup C. We might need more but we can get it at the trade deadline.
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