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8/14 Tigers at Orioles


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No game thread yet?


Jackson CF

Dirks LF

Ordonez RF

Cabrera 1B

Martinez DH

Peralta SS

Raburn 3B

Avila C

Santiago 2B

Fister P


Reimold LF

Hardy SS

Markakis RF

Jones CF

Guerrero DH

Reynolds 3B

C.Davis 1B

Tatum C

Andino 2B

Reyes P

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It is Deadsville in here. I think last night's game destroyed everyone's spirit.

The O's again have an early multi-run lead, thanks to Nick's 12th homerun. Will it hold up this time?

I would have been here for the first pitch, but I was downstairs eating lunch.

No, Nick's lead will not hold up. It's Jo-Jo Reyes. Come on.

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I was watching Fox Soccer and catching up on the rest of the board. Even if I had been watching the game I wouldn't have bothered to post lineups. I'm not that into it. Thanks, Paul. Rep.

Oh, don't forget, they're facing Doug Fister. Even though he isn't that great, he's 2-0 with a ND against the Orioles. They faced him on Memorial Day, and he recorded his last win as a Mariner, also his last overall until his Detroit debut against Texas on August 3. Hopefully their fortunes are better today.

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    • Why would they? What's in it for them?
    • Would the O's and the Jays both have to agree to play on Thursday? I'm not sure they would agree to it.
    • I bet tomorrow the 5 sitting today will start   Chirinos  C  Nevin  3rd Odor  2nd  Stowers  RF Mountcastle   1B    Two of this bunch sits  * my guess* Adley Gunnar  Mullins  Hays * Mateo * Santander    Will not start plus 2 from above Aguilar  Vavra McKenna 
    • Because you can’t see the obvious.  There’s no reason to talk to you. You aren’t a genuine person to discuss things with.  It’s easier to just laugh at you.
    • I agree, but ideally Henderson stays at third while we sign Turner to play short (hoping we have a shot since he may prefer east coast). Turner, Mullins, Henderson is a nice top 3. 
    • Elias has put together the Core that he hopes will carry the O's to a World Series.   Some of us are trying to trade this core away but I don't think Elias will. Who is the Core: 1.1 Catcher Adley Rutschman (24) 2nd rounder SS/3B  Gunnar Henderson (21) 1st rounder LF  Colton Cowser  (22) - sometime in 2023  30th pick  Jordan Westburg (23) -  2B/3B/1B to start 2023  1st rounder 1B Ryan Mountcastle (25) - Drafted by Duquette  2nd rounder  RF  Kyle Stowers  (24) 4th rounder  2B/SS/3B   Joey Ortiz   (24) -sometime in 2023 2nd rounder  DH/2B  Connor Norby (22) - sometime in 2023 1.1   Jackson Holliday  SS/CF (18)  -  In 2025 1st  rounder  Grayson Rodriguez SP (22) - Start of 2023 1st rounder  DL Hall (24)  -  Sometime as a starter in 2023 Dean Kremer (26)   Kyle Bradish (26) Felix Bautista (27) Cionel Perez (26) These are the  players that the O's are building around.  Not trading.   Sure there are players needed to supplement these guys. And not all of them will make it but this is the direction I think they are headed. They don't have a player that can replace CF Cedric Mullins yet but as these players make the majors the current players will be traded to resupply the minors.  To start 2023 they will need Santander and Hays until the core players are ready. This does not mean that players, especially pitchers, can not be added to fill in where needed.  I just don't think these core players are likely to be traded. JMO          
    • You're right, this must be a series that was originally scheduled for the first week. Teams with open-air stadiums, like the Orioles, typically schedule their opening series for three games in four days, with an off-date between the first and second games.  This is so that if there's a rainout on the original date of Opening Day, fans who bought tickets for Opening Day can use them when the game is made up on the next day. The Mariners, who didn't have to worry about a rainout, were free to schedule four games in  four days, so apparently that's what they did.  And with that series having been postponed due to the labor dispute, now they only have three days to get those four games in. Ironically, the fact that they have a roof on their stadium is a big part of the reason why they have to play a doubleheader now.
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