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What Uehara looks like when he's really stoked!


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Video of Koji romping after getting the third out with another K. Watch the clip all the way to the end: it's like he's in the WS! Of course, never saw him get this excited with the O's.

And a day or so before that game, one of his outfielders made a good catch to get out of the inning, and Koji pointed at him, started clapping with his glove, stood in front of the dugout and waited on him to arrive so he could congratulate him.

I too never recall Koji ever being animated with the Orioles, but I don't catch every game, either.

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Good for Koji, its great to see him happy and having fun. He deserves it. He played like he cared, his exit interview confirmed that and for those reasons alone I will always be a fan of his. Its nice to see a player who takes pride and enjoys the game the way Koji seems to

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As an O's fan living in Japan, it was sad to see our sole Japanese player go. I always name dropped him to explain where I was from. He's not the most loved Japanese player in the MLB, but I think each person I've spoken to and told how sad I was to see him go really appreciated the love for Koji that was out there. Despite being heckled for wearing a Japanese headband on opening day to support Koji (and to support Japan after the events on March 11), I hope fans realize how much international attention having Koji brought to the Orioles and to our city.

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