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Other teams' forums/websites


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NYYFans (Yankees)

Sons of Sam Horn (Red Sox)

Reds Zone (Reds)

Sign On San Diego (Padres)

Don't forget about blogs. Some blogs are extremely active and have a lot of commenters, so they're almost like forums:

Lookout Landing and USS Mariner (Mariners)

Gaslamp Ball (Padres)

DRaysBay (Rays)

McCovey Chronicles (Giants)

I've generally found the SBNation blogs to be of high quality with lots of users. There's a lot more but I can't track down all of them at the moment. Just try googling "[team] blog" and it should be one of the top hits.

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Thanks, I've known about the SBnation ones, but I wanted something more like this, but it really does seem like this site is just really well run, active, and informative. The Angels and Reds' sites seem like the closest I'm going to get to Angels Hangout or Reds Hangout.

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