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Felix Pie DFA'd!!!!!!!!!!!


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Looking at how this affects the ML team, this move should have happened months ago. Pie has provided absolutely nothing with the bat, so he was basically here for his glove and speed. Well...Angle is a better base stealer, and he's a better defender. This is long overdue, but I'm glad it has finally happened.

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I have to wonder if something happened off the field to trigger this. The season is going nowhere and they are not far away from when rosters expand.

I would rather see Angle play then Pie so I am certainly not upset about it.

I see him being non-tendered if he is still O's property this offseason.

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Ill still rock the Pie jersey with memories of better times. I know it needed to happen, but damn hes just the only guy with flash, passion, and character on this team. I hope to hell he makes it down he to Norfolk and flourishes with regular at bats and more experience.

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