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McCourt Gets $1.2 Billion Offer For Dodgers


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From MLBTradeRumors.com:

Frank McCourt's financial troubles have been well-documented, but the Dodgers owner could sell his team for more than any MLB franchise in history. McCourt has been offered $1.2 billion to sell the Dodgers, according to Bill Shaikin of the LA Times. Los Angeles Marathon founder Bill Burke headed the bid, which includes funding from Chinese and American investors.

Both Burke and a spokesman for McCourt declined to comment to Shaikin. McCourt has discussed the sale of a partial share of the Dodgers with at least two others groups, Shaikin reports. Burke's group is offering a cash payment for the team plus all related real estate and media rights. The bid would expire in 21 days with the goal of closing a sale within 90 days, according to Shaikin.

The Cubs sold for $845MM two years ago and that remains the record sale price for an MLB franchise.

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I gotta think the Dodgers, under the right ownership, could have revenue potential nearly equal to the Yankees. I'd love to see some big money come in and do things right. Either way, this idiot (McCourt) has to go.

Couldn't agree more. He's a complete disgrace.

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Phew! Thought my math was way off there for a moment. I guess Sammy was busy Photoshopping the day they were teaching decimal-places. :D

No' date=' Can_of_corn added an extra decimal place. That tends to change things a bit ;)

Count me in for a 0.0001% share.
1,200,000,000 x .000001 = $1,2000.
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10% of 1,200,000,000= 120,000,000

10% or 120,000,000=12,000,000

We are now at 1% of 1.2 billion.

A tenth of a percent brings us to 1.2 million

A tenth of 1.2 million brings us to 120,000

A tenth of 120,000 is 12,000 A this point we are at one thousandth of a percent if I remember my terms correctly.

A tenth of that is 1,200.

You have to remember Sammy that 1% is 1.0%

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