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Blue Jays scouting Darvish


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Not that this is particularly huge news - I'm sure a lot of teams will scout him - it's still terrifying to imagine what the AL East would look like if the Jays signed him. And if Snider actually relearns how to play baseball, we might as well start letting Baltimore fans play.

1. Darvish

2. Romero

3. Morrow

4. Cecil

5. Drabek

(Obviously the names at the back end could change, but with their depth and player development, I'm sure the Blue Jays would cobble together a strong rotation behind Darvish and Romero.)

1. Escobar

2. Rasmus

3. Bautista

4. Lind

5. Lawrie

6. Encarnacion

7. Johnson (?)

8. Thames

9. Arenciba

Pretty legit team and still probably not good enough to win the division.

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Not necessarily Darvish related, but it would be so awesome to be a Blue Jays fan right now. AA, Lawrie, Romero, Bautista, Escobar, Rasmus, decent payroll flexibility and a deep farm system. They're still a stride behind Boston/NY but I think they're just about caught up with the Rays. If Drabek or Morrow ever get their act together, or if they make another major addition like Fielder or Darvish, they could be in the mix with Boston and New York. So jealous. Where's our Lawrie?

I'm done whining. I swear.

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