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Erik the Red (Sox)


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Since joining the Red Sox, Erik Bedard has posted a 3.66 ERA, averaging 5.33 IP/start, striking out a batter per inning. Does he figure to be Boston's no. 3 starter in the playoffs, behind Beckett and Lester, or will they go with someone more durable?

If Erik's on the mound in a critical game against the Yankees, I know who I'll be rooting for.

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His next start is being skipped but I have to think he has the inside track of being the #3 starter.

I saw a tweet from Gammons and he mentioned that Boston may want to extend him.

He's a good risk for a team like Boston, that can afford to eat his salary if (when) he gets hurt again. Lots of upside if he can stay moderately healthy, as he has done this year.

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