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Adam Dunn has three hits in 100 PAs vs Lefties


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That's really it. 3-for-83 with 16 walks and a HBP.

A real, live baseball player, who just signed a $60-some-million contract has a non-trivial split where he has three hits in 100 PAs. And he's a DH.

I'm not often amazed by things that happen in baseball, but that's pretty darned amazing. I'm pretty confident that you could give me 100 PAs against major league pitching and I'd get three hits.

For fun I looked up everyone who ever had a MLB season with exactly 100 PAs. As you might guess it's a lot of pitchers, and some other guys thrown in. The fewest hits among those 167 seasons of exactly 100 PAs was seven, by Tom Seaver and three other guys. Dean Chance was one of them, in 1964. In '66-'67 Chance went 5-for-168. Adam Dunn, against lefties, is a lot like Dean Chance.

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Dunn sits to end the year and does not get enough at bats to qualify for the batting title. Shame his .160 mark would have shattered Rob Deer's .179 mark set in '91.

I think he qualifies anyway. There's that rule that says if you add an additional number of hitless ABs to get to 502 PAs, and the guy is still ahead, he wins. So Dunn is currently 6 PAs shy of qualifying, and if he went 6-for-6 he'd still be hitting .171.

Here's a weird thing I never knew, but stumbled upon looking at Dunn's comparables: A very obscure Cleveland second baseman from early in the 1900s named John Peter Gochnaur qualified for the batting title and hit .185 with 16 doubles, four triples, and zero homers in consecutive seasons, 1902-03.

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    • I find it interesting that the O’s are getting press for showing interest in RP these last few hours/days. Normally we find news when something actually happens (after the fact). This could be a good sign, if Agents are putting the news out there to draw more contract interest in the players they serve, since we know how tight-lipped ME and company can be.  The flip side is that the O’s get priced out on good acquisitions!    this should be an interesting offseason, more so than the last 5+ years.
    • ...unless we include Bautista in the trade [the plot thickens...]
    • Haha.  Too funny.  When did I ever say he didn’t have elite stuff?  I asked how you could call him a “high end” reliever.   Great. Fangraphs calls him a weapon at the back of any bullpen.  Big deal.     His results aren’t elite. Even last year.  His career whip is something like 1.3 which is where it was last year.  He gave up almost a hit per inning and he’s walked about 4.5-5 per 9 innings which is exactly what he did last year unless you want to hug the 8 walks in 24 IP with Toronto.  
    • Hi RZ, Sorry, didn't mean to direct that at you.  I just found his misuse of hypthetical ironic. 
    • ERA? Really? Lifetime ERA for a back of the BP reliever? Who just turned 27? OK. He doesn't have an elite lifetime ERA. I think I'm ok with that.  Just for comparison, Pete Fairbanks, Tampa's closer, has a lifetime ERA of 3.21. He any good?
    • Hicks gets wildly underrated on this board considering his youth and pure stuff.
    • From Fangraphs: "Possibly the best right-handed reliever on the market, Hicks’ sales pitch is simple: He might have the fastest fastball ever to reach free agency. But his case is further bolstered by his 2023 season, which might have been his most complete season yet statistically speaking. He made 65 regular season appearances between the Cardinals and Blue Jays with a 3.29 ERA, 3.22 FIP, and 3.36 xFIP, striking out a career-high 28.4% of batters faced. He allowed just nine barrels on 168 batted balls (5.4%) and an average exit velocity of just 86.7 mph – good for the 89th percentile league-wide. On those balls in play, 58.9% were on the ground, a 96th-percentile clip and yet somehow below his career average. As it turns out, strikeouts and soft groundballs are a potent combination." It goes on to address that he walks too many guy, as I have already addressed, before concluding:"Hicks has had his own ups and downs, but he’s an undeniable weapon for the back end of any bullpen." Now if you want to argue that he is asking more than you are willing to pay, fine. I get it. But don't tell me he doesn't have elite stuff. He does what you want a back end guy to do. He gets Ks and GB. 
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