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Rosenthal on Moneyball and the Shifting Debate


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If high-revenue teams such as the Yankees and Red Sox are now as savvy as the A’s once were in exploiting market inefficiencies, what does that leave for the little guys?

“Some of the large-market clubs have learned to exploit their resources across every level of the baseball operation — technology, analytics, everything,” the Indians’ Shapiro says.

“We are seeing the tip of the iceberg right now. I would hypothesize that if you flash forward to the next five, six or seven years, you’ll see the (further) dominance of the big-market teams that are run well.

“That doesn’t preclude small-market teams from winning. But they’re going to go in and out, go through cycles of winning, then violently remaking their rosters.”

Scary thought there. And my take, reading this article, is that we are probably in the Stone Age compared to a lot of other teams.

Reading about what Cashman did to get the Yankees into line here, I now agree with Trea that he'd be an upgrade for us if he actually chose to leave NY and come to Baltimore. I just don't see that happening.

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