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The Next Moneyball: Seven Movies That Hollywood Should Consider


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Seven funny sequel ideas for Moneyball.

My favorite one:

Boston Red Sox

Title: Moneyball II: Now Featuring Money

Premise: How an underdog team used smarts and a crap-ton of money to persevere.

Sample from script:

J.D. Drew walks through the Red Sox clubhouse with his agent, Scott Boras

Drew: Hold on. I want a Coke.

He stops in front of a vending machine, and pushes a button. The machine spits a dollar bill out at him.

Boras: That's a dollar, man.

More dollar bills shoot out at Drew.

Drew: What?

Boras: Welcome to Boston.


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    • The orioles will probably have around 38 guys on the 40 man by the rule 5 draft. If you’re taking more guys off of it then you need to put more players on. There aren’t that many options to add that I see a situation where bubble guys like Zimmerman are left off and bubble guys like Handley aren’t added. 
    • The MLB Pipeline podcast yesterday (either Callis or Jason Ratliff) said it was the longest HR he's seen hit at the Scottsdale Stadium.
    • I think he's a guy who protect if you have a spot, but if you need one for a better player, then I'd be ok with him being dropped off. There's a lot more guys who can go before him. His .317 wOBA (10th best on the team) is just a little over major league average of .310 and that was after a pretty bad second half where as Frobby pointed out, he may have just worn down.  He's a decent 6th inning guy or the guy you bring in for two when you are up or down by 3 or more. If you can find something better then he can be replaced, but he's not a guy I'd focus on getting rid of this season. There have been flashes a brilliance with, but he's coming up on 30-years old which again, makes him a low end bubble guy for me.
    • I'd sign them both next year. Goal needs to be something like 10 more years with Gunnar. 7-8 with Adley. Give or take. But there'd be no doubt they are cornerstones if I was the owner.
    • If we had a 23 year old 1B prospect in AAA who put up an .860 OP with 27 homers and 106 RBI,  would you be ok with giving him a chance?
    • If Diaz is not DFA'd I'd be shocked. I suppose he could be a throw in player in some deal, but if he's on the 40-man roster when the Rule 5 draft occurs I'll be shocked. He's a guy who can't stay healthy and probably needs a change of scenery and even then, the hit tool have not improved and he still has very little plan at the plate.
    • Boy did Severino not come close to that 205 innings mark very often! lol True Roberts has improved a bit with his receiving and i have no idea how either of them frame balls though from watching, seems like Handley is pretty good and stealing strikes though AA umpires can be wildly inconsistent so that's tough to judge. Either way, as I showed, Handley bat should play better overall.  For me, Handley is 40 level prospect while Roberts is a 35.  
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