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Fangraphs: Hardy's 2011 season was worth $21.3 mm...


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When has the carousel stopped in Tampa?

Well, Tampa is really in maintenance mode, with high and low tide. Some years they will be a little more thin up top, others they will essentially be able to rely on internal improvement without making any big moves.

Baltimore has to get to the point where they are maintaining SOMETHING, even if it's just an 80-win team, then incrementally improve from there. If you go to square-1 every four years, don't go agressive on the int'l front, and are a solid slightly-above average draft spender, that becomes difficult.

I see both sides of the coin with this current BAL team, but my inclination would be to hit the reset button (of course, that only matters if you are going to really try and build a team, rather than go 60% of the way there and stop).

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