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Who will you root for in the Playoffs?


Who are you backing?  

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  1. 1. Who are you backing?

    • DBacks
    • Brewers
    • Cardinals
    • Phillies
    • Rays
    • Rangers
    • Tigers
    • Yankees

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As long as Philly or NY doesn't win it all, I'll be happy. Goes without saying I'm tired of the Yankees, but the Phillies are getting old for me.

That being said, wouldn't you love to see a Brewers-Rays series? I mean, can you imagine Joe Buck crying himself to sleep every night? ESPN would probably just shut down for the series.

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Last years World Series was great, 2 teams that haven't been there in a while (if at all for Texas.) Hoping for the same this year. So pretty much any combo of Rangers/Rays/Tigers and Brewers/Dbacks.

Edit: Sorry, had a few beers tonight...sorry for the rambling in this thread I've done.

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    • Not only would Bradish NOT being going on short rest in this scenario, he’d be getting an *extra* day of rest because the ALDS doesn’t start until 10/7. Plus, he’d probably only throw about 50 pitches in his last start. No reason to take any chances.  
    • No scoreboard to watch tonight with the Rays idle. Really hoping we just wrap this up and have the entire weekend series for a long celebration at the Yard.    I do think the Rays celebration was basically them acknowledging that the division race is over. If they felt they had a realistic chanceto win I don’t think that happens. 
    • My ass wouldn't be sitting in the splash zone tonight. It's not fun when it's mid 50's 🤣
    • Mateo has a roster spot in the playoff secured due to his speed, but his defense has been a little shaky lately so I no longer think he is a defensive upgrade in the late innings. I don't think he should be on the roster next year. There are enough options at short and it doesn't make sense to pay arbitration prices for a backup shortstop and a pinch runner.
    • I’m sure they blew through every expectation.  Having a close divisional race decided in the final series is a huge boon.  Really, things couldn’t have worked out better for them.   I think the Splash Zone was a real stroke of genius.  Whoever thought of that should get a bonus.  Not only did those tickets sell well, but the constant images of it during the games just conveyed how fun the atmosphere is at the ballpark.    
    • I don't think Tate will get non-tendered. He had a 3.05 ERA in 2022 and will certainly not receive much of a raise from $1.5M in his second year of arbitration, given that he was injured all season. I think he retains his 40-man roster spot. I see no reason to non-tender Joey Krehbiel. He isn't arbitration eligible, still has options remaining for next year, and pitched fine in AAA and in the Majors this season so he is a fine option to ride the Norfolk-Baltimore shuttle for another year. Zimmermann also is not arbitration eligible and has options remaining, but hasn't pitched as well this year in Baltimore or Norfolk, so his roster spot is at risk with additions, but no need to non-tender him until we need the space since he won't make more than the minimum. I could be talked into bringing back Jorge Lopez, but not at arbitration prices, so I agree that he will be non-tendered. Flaherty, Gibson and Hicks are free agents and all come off automatically. So that drops us to 39, with Zimmermann probably the next man off. Vespi, Baker, Stowers, Vavra and McKenna (who doesn't have options remaining so he can't be sent down next year) are probably next on the chopping block. Mike Baumann and Cole Irvin are also out of options next season, so their spots aren't particularly secure either.
    • Had similar thoughts as the play was unfolding. I could see the short throw coming.
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