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Orioles officially talking trade with Dodgers; OF Kemp centerpiece


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The Los Angeles Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles have discussed the parameters of a trade that would send left-hander Eric Bedard to the Dodgers for a package that includes 23-year-old outfielder Matt Kemp, according to a source familiar with the talks.

Nothing that already hasnt been discussed.

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Color me skeptical of any news from a journalist that can't even bother to spell Bedard's name correctly.

Yahoo Sports always has tons of errors and typos. Last week in a write up it said that Curtis should look to rebound next week as the team goes against the Eagles. Clearly it should have been the Dolphins, don't think that he could play against his own team, although he might want to ;). These mistakes are silly, yes, but they should get picked up in editing. I've been noticing it alot latey.

But on the topic, this excites me as Id LOVE to see Kemp on this team.

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Me too, AO.

Makes me at least think we've got some "coals in the fire". And even if things don't work out with LA, it doesn't hurt to let other teams know that Bedard is available.

It is just refreshing to show that we might actually try and rebuild. I hope we pull it off, but this offseason feels different. I have a feeling we might actually rebuild this time!

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Always fun to see what fans of the other side have to say:

I would love to see the Dodgers get Bedard, although I would also like to see them somehow keep Kemp. Bedard is a lefty and has the potential to be a true ace. A staff of Penny, Bedard, Lowe, Bills and one of Schmidt (if he could return to form, which I doubt that would be an amazing staff), Loiza, Kuo or Wolf would be pretty darn great. Kemp is also mentioned in the Cabrera rumors along with LaRoche and Kershaw. My personal preference would be if we are going to trade Kemp to use him to get Bedard. Then we sign Hunter and go with Nomar/Laroche at third.
Im all for getting Bedard.

Hu, Abreu, Ethier, McDonald, Meloan, Dejesus, LaRoche, Young, DeWitt...take your pick of 4.

All other's should be untouchable

I'd like for Tejada to be in the talk as well. If he isn't the Dodgers should move there attention back to Miggy.


ON the O's website, the article says the O's would rather keep Bedard, but will listen to offers for him. They're trying to lock him up for several more years, though we're the most aggresive bidders, and weve offered Kemp, Kershaw, Broxton. The ball is in the O's court now, and it seems we're about to dodge another bullet, which makes us Dodgers LOL!!!!

Those three players of ours for Bedard, Cabrera, Santana, when will this trade nonsense end??? It's possible we didn't discuss trade with the O's at all, but that beat writer just reported it, probably for shock value.

Looks like if the Dodgers are going after Miguel Cabrera, they're going to have to include Kemp, too.

I'd pull the trigger, beat them to the punch and get Kemp...and if it makes them feel better, try to give them Mora, too...

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IF, and thats a big IF, the Orioles could send Tejada and Bedard to the Dodgers, would you accept Kemp, Kershaw, Hu, and Either (wish Looney could be squeezed in there instad of Either) for Bedard and Tejada? This is completely dependent on LA actually doing this, but would you prefer this to two seperate deals, one that gets Kemp etc from LA and Pie from Chicago?

LAD MIGHT be able to part with this package since they would be keeping LaRoche. I guess they could do Kemp, Kershaw Hu and LaRoche, who knows. I guess my question just is would you prefer that deal or two seperate ones.

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I love that we are willing to get rid of Bedard to rebuild, theonly problem I have is who in the world are we going to have as our #1 next year? Cabrera? He lost 17-18 games last year, I can't remember exactly, I don't expect us to contend but I don't want us to be a joke.

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    • The MLB Network had a writer covering the Marlins on the other day and she mentioned Mullins for Lopez and seemed to indicate the Marlins may have to add someone else. I wonder if that is an even trade or if we have to add someone. It seems to me that trading for a young pitcher and signing a veteran would be the best use of our resources.
    • Asking here as honestly have no clue, is the Fan Cost Index sensitive to StubHub, Seatgeek, etc?     My guess is it uses the Clubs List Price, but like everything else in the world that's just the starting point of a negotiation. Now that the team is better and the kiddo old enough, will probably get back more next season, but know I'm behind on the most efficient consumer practices for any given day.     The Yard won't be as full as it'll get in a few years, so imagining surge pricing will only be taking baby steps in 2023.
    • I don't think we really disagree about much. There is wide array of ticket prices. And I think even Fan Price Index shows the Orioles being particularly fair, and if I recall correctly their family of four number for 2022 was $156 You're reading my comments as if they were directed at the Orioles. They were not. Nor were they a criticism, as much as an identification of one of the factors that is feeding the decline of generational popularity in baseball. Many of us have a love for the game. For me that love was cemented by two things. My Dad taking me to the ballpark as a kid... and my Little League experience as a kid.  Affordability was a big part of that. When I was a kid we didn't have two nickles to rub together. My father worked two jobs to make ends meet. Mom delivered newspapers to keep us ahead of the bills. But we could still afford to go to 33rd St a couple times a year... Saw Mark Belanger hit a home run...  that was a rare feat.. and I had a ratty old mitt and some fish-heads to play Little League with. I found old deposit bottles in the woods and took 'em to the 7-11 to buy baseball cards. That's where I fell in love with the game. Eventually my father built a very successful business. and we didn't have to worry about that kind of thing.. But I kept my love for the game that was built in those early experiences. Baseball was once literally the cost of a matinee movie...  stands were packed... all the time... but slowly.. generationally.. this has changed... the last generation to FULLY embrace baseball were boomers...  I guess there's a part of me that thinks selling out every game ...and families embracing is early might change the trajectory baseball is on... wishful thinking maybe      
    • The same thing happened in San Francisco when Roman was there.   They had one truly great season with Kaepernick, and then nothing.   Not that I'm comparing Lamar to Kaepernick, but at their best under Roman, they are pretty similar. I don't know if they are using this system because they think Lamar can't handle a more complex system, or because Roman is stuck using the same stuff over and over.    Roman needs to be gone regardless of what happens with Lamar.  They need to get rid of Ricard and start running a real pro-style offense.   
    • I guess I’ve reached the point of the off-season where I’m at do we really need to add a bat?  Stowers and Vavra spent the last 1/3 of the season up. Westburg is ready. Cowser could be ready are June.    Is Brantley, Voit, or Mancini worth even a one year deal?  I could see us rolling with what we have, figuring out what we have, and signing a vet depth bat like Jesus Aguilar to a milb deal with a ST invite. If we need a bat, we can always get a rental at the deadline. 
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