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GAME THREAD: Cardinals vs. Phillies (Game Four)


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Jimmy Rollins - SS

Chase Utley - 2B

Hunter Pence - RF

Ryan Howard - 1B

Shane Victorino - CF

Raul Ibanez - LF

Placido Polanco - 3B

Carlos Ruiz - C

Roy Oswalt – LHP (9-10, 3.69 ERA)


Rafael Furcal - SS

Skip Schumaker - 2B

Albert Pujols - 1B

Lance Berkman - RF

Matt Holliday - LF

Yadier Molina - C

Ryan Freese - 3B

Jon Jay - CF

Edwin Jackson - RHP (12-9, 3.69 ERA)

NOTE: Edwin Jackson pitched more than half of this season in the American League, for the White Sox. His W-L record and his ERA are his combined numbers from both leagues in 2011.

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Does anybody else get excited for these pre game shows just because of Cal? I'd love to have him on the MASN pre and post game shows. I love me some Cal. MAD CAL DISEASE!

I do for all three. Always liked Eck, and Wells is the best! David makes me smile just thinking about him.

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    • Last year... https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/mlb-playoff-schedule-2022-tv-channels-alds-nlds/m4cg6klkhlw24hqykj2vgmvq National League Division Series 2022 schedule All times are Eastern and are subject to change given results of other series. Date Game Start time (ET) TV channel Result Tue., Oct. 11 Phillies at Braves, Game 1 1:07 p.m. Fox  
    • The reality is, we don’t know if they will contribute as much or more than the guys they would replace, or whether they’ll be significant downgrades.  There’s significant risk involved, especially when you’re talking about a team that’s winning with the personnel it already has.  If this was the 2021 offseason, decisions like this would be easy.   That paragraph might sound like I’m advocating standing pat.  I’m not.  I’m just saying these decisions aren’t simple.  Our evaluators have a lot of tricky decisions to make.  I’ll say this: I’m not making any moves yet based on what guys like Beavers, Fabian or Bradfield might do in 2-3 years.  None of those guys have a better than 50/50 chance to be better than our current outfielders at this stage.   Ask me again in a year and maybe I’ll feel differently.    
    • Minnesota has some pitching though. 
    • I’m more concerned with the general downturn in the offense in the last few weeks than I am about the Red Sox series in particular.  On the other hand, our pitching has been on fire.  We’ll see how things go.  There’s never any good way to predict what will happen next in baseball.  It’s a streaky game and hot and cold streaks often start and stop for no apparent reason.
    • I think Ojabo is a write-off.  With 2 career-threatening ankle injuries I just don't see how he can come back as a contributor.  The return-to-play rate after and achilles injury is already dicey, and he did make it back, but now to stack another one on top of that...
    • Just starting a thread to cover the AFL games since the other thread is about who made the roster.   First four games are night games beginning at 9:30 pm ET.  At least, I think it’s 9:30 and not 8:30.   Phoenix is 3 hours behind is right now and the schedule says 6:30 MST.   Phoenix stays on Standard Time in the summer.  Saturday’s game is a day game that I believe starts at 5:30 ET.
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