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If the Orioles pursue CJ Wilson....

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I don't think you can offer performance-based incentives and vesting options, only durability (i.e. IP) or awards (e.g. top 5 Cy Young finish, etc.).

Poor choice of words on my part. By "performance" I was thinking of innings primarily, which would be a good indicator of whether or not he was providing value, not that he was pitching to a given ERA, wins, or other such statistics. But things like All-Star bonus, CY finish, etc, are also nice little rewards that can sweeten a deal. Although, they are more like icing on the cake and usually a pretty small bonus relative to the main contract. I was thinking more of the vesting option like Gregg has for finishing so many games. The thinking of this is that I would be willing to commit to the longer term if the performance is remotely acceptable. It's one thing to be paying TOR salary to a guy performing like a 4/5 but is at least giving you innings, it's another to pay it to a guy who is on the DL or washed up completely.

Of course, if even those kinds of options are not allowed, then I don't know how we could protect both parties. I'm not inclined to think the long term guaranteed contracts for pitchers on the far side of thirty are a good risk for a team with limited resources.

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