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Would you pay this for Darvish?

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Darvish..50M posting and 5/75 contract...Are you ok with that?  

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  1. 1. Darvish..50M posting and 5/75 contract...Are you ok with that?

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timdierkes timdierkes by mlbtraderumors

Talked to an agent tonight who thinks a Yu Darvish posting fee would be $50MM, and then a five-year, $75MM contract.

Personally, I don't think the contract will need to be this much but if so, would you be ok with this total package?

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The reason Darvish is being posted is because the corporation that owns the Fighters is strapped for cash and needs the infusion of a healthy posting fee. If Darvish turns down a reasonable contract it will be an embarrassment to the owners of his team and a big loss. He will be under great pressure to settle with whatever club wins the post. I seriously doubt that that it will take anything near 5/125M to sign him. He has very little leverage. If he goes back to Japan it will be in some disgrace. In some ways I would think the fewer years the better for him, because if he succeeds in the MLB, he can become a FA at still a young age and really cash in.

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While I agree that i don't believe the actual contract will go that high (the posting fee will hit $50mil though), I would still do it...in a heartbeat. I think he is going to be THAT good.

I don't think the contract would be that high either. I'll tell you why I have a man-crush on Darvish... he is as good, or at the very least as hyped, as ANY of the Japanese players have been. Offense or defense. The difference is he is only 25! ALL of the others have been pushing 30. He is a UNIQUE opportunity. If there is any FA to go all-in for, he is it.

EDIT: And I'd go 60, or even a little higher on the posting bid. It's just like an MLB season, you fight your hardest to get into the playoffs. After you're in anything can happen.

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