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Orioles likely to name Lacava GM


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Pete does not and it does not matter if we hire Kermit the frog.

Reading stuff like this makes me have very bad thoughts about the guy. You would think after all this time that Pete would figure things out. He really has earned that worst owner in sports tag he got a couple years back.

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Why leak it now on the morning of the 7th game of the World Series? Isn't Stockstill to be interviewed today? Isn't Heyman one of the least trustworthy national reporters? :confused:

I'd be happy with LaCava, but at this date, we should stay quiet and interview Levine.

Sounds to me like Heyman is just speculating La Cava because the Angels are going with Dipoto. I wouldn't get my hopes up.

I agree with my friends here. If the Orioles were close to naming LaCava, why are they interviewing Stockstill? Why did Tony hear Hart earlier this week? Why would they be waiting in the WS to end to maybe interview Levine?

I hate to be pessimistic, but after the last 14 years, I ain't getting my hopes up for anything until I see LaCava standing in front of a podium at the Warehouse!

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I still think the O's want to talk to Levine. We shall see .

Me, too - it would be bizarre, IMO, for them to have waited this long... and then not to talk to Levine! Otherwise, why did they wait this long? Because Stockstill wasn't available for an interview?

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Playing devil's advocate here - what makes LaCava so great? The fact that some baseball writers like him?

The Blue Jays have done everything we should be doing over the past several years. Bringing in talent at all levels of the organization and getting both quantity and quality.

Even if he wasn't a major player in that, hes still seen it done.

I have severe reservations that anyone can accomplish anything under Angelos, but this would be a great step even if there is only a little wiggle room.

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