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Boswell on What it Takes to Compete


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Question #2 in his weekly chat:

"Pujols isn't an "A," of course, he's an "A+" so he changes the equation a bit. If you don't have Pujols/T. Williams, I'd go a little further and say that you need two "A" starters, two "A" relievers at the back and at least two "A" bats at 3-4.

But the 15 players from your 5th best to your 20th best, how they fit together and who manages them is enormously important."

He also tips his hat to the manager - saying a La Russa, Leyland or a Davey Johnson are also needed.

I wonder how most feel about this? That chemistry between the middle 15 or so grinders and journeymen really makes a difference. Reaction to injuries, depth, trading acumen, etc. all are part of the "plan". But the six A players - two starters, relievers and bats all have to last the season and then the post-season. Quite a challenge!

How can the O's get there? :scratchchinhmm: Can Buck and TLC lead us there? I believe!


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