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So who is the no. 1 prospect, Bundy or Machado?


Who is the number 1 prospect?  

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  1. 1. Who is the number 1 prospect?

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At time of draft, I'd give Bundy the nod. After seeing Machado handle his introduction to pro ball in stride he gets a couple of bonus points. It's really a toss-up for me. They are both A prospects.

But, I haven't really learned anything new about Machado. I still feel the same about his abilities as I did on draft day, he's just a season-and-a-half into his development with no setbacks. I guess, gun to my head, I'd select Bundy if they both entered some sort of hypothetical draft. But you can't go wrong with either, really.

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I just mean in terms of how the list seems to have shaken out thus far. But yeah, I guess it's a fairly common symptom around here.

I was just joking - but, in truth, we've been conditioned to be disappointed by actual performance. History has turned us into dreamers.

BTW, I think Machado is top-10 in MILB heading into this year, and Bundy will be slightly lower. I can't rank anyone ahead of Machado based strictly on projection and HS dominance, as big a fan as I am of Bundy.

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I hope I am not being too presumptuous in starting this poll, which is usually Tony's perogrative, but since it's 2:00 p.m. I'm going to assume he's busy on other things.

Thanks Rick, been busy as all get out today.

By the way, we have to pick one over the other but honestly, this is a 1 and 1A type of thing. I can build a case for either guy, but alas, I must pick one.

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I am going to say that we are lucky to have both guys. We are talking about two of the very best prospects in the game. I am going to say Machado due to the few ML shortstops who can hit and field at a high level. Even Machado moves off of third than his value goes down a bit IMO. Let's say Hanley Ramirez if he blows up and JJ Hardy if he falters a bit. I worry about the arms of hard throwing pitchers like Bundy. I really like him too and this is kind of a toss up to me.

The bottom line, if the Orioles have their future #1/#2 starter and star SS in the minors than we have a way to bolster this team without spending a ton to fill premium positions through free agency.

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I think if neither had played an inning of pro baseball and you were just choosing which of the two high school players you'd rather have, I might give a slight edge to Bundy. But since Machado has now gotten through a full year of pro ball without a major hiccup, he gets the edge IMO.

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