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Where do you think Pujols ends up?


Where will Pujols end up?  

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  1. 1. Where will Pujols end up?

    • Stays in St Louis.
    • Cubs
    • Marlins
    • Blue Jays
    • Nats
    • Other (specify)

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So we might as well start this thread and poll. Reportedly the Miami Marlins have already offered him a contract.

Obviously there are more choices but these seem like the most likely.

I personally think he would be a Cub if this is a normal year but no idea what Theo will do. I think if the Cardinals intended to re-sign him they would have made cheaper moves the past year or two, or just gotten it done before the end of the season. I really think that he is no longer playing for St Louis when this is said and done. The only way I see him staying is if the money and years aren't on the table elsewhere, but if ever there was a player to splurge on, its him. As a GM/President/Owner how many times in your life do you get to bring one of the top players of all time to your franchise. It would be a BFD.

I have a hard time saying where I think he will end up though. As I mentioned it is unclear what direction the Cubs will go. The Nats would clearly spend the money but (like Miami) he may want to play for a team closer to contention. I am going to keep my choice to Cubs.

Edit: excuse the error in the thread title. My fault for thinking I could make it through a medium length thread, a poll, and a title without an error...

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