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What potentially good pitchers are on the scrap heap?


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You're really advocating that kind of approach for the Orioles?
. Even if the O's signed Wilson and Darvish I still think they need to use this approach. Most major league teams need anywhere from 7-9 starters to get through the season. We have seen in the past how well it goes when you dont plan for that inevitability.

I would look at Paul Maholm. He is not great but he's not horrible either. Otherwise with the current FA mix I would rather take chances on Asian pitchers than some of the guys out there.

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If the price is right, I would. Low risk, potentially high reward.

You're one of the smartest guys on this site, are you advocating this as a way to forfeit the season before it begins? Usually, those kind of experiments don't go well for us.

The Yankees can take that chance because they just go out and sign someone else or promote someone from within their very well run farm system (like Nova) who can take up the slack.

Unless you want the 2012 season to be a tanked season, I can't imagine why we would go with yet another low-risk guy who pitches himself into the dirt.

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The title of this thread has got to be the most unintentionally funniest threads ever.

What GOOD pitchers can we get off the SCRAP HEAP. Awesome!

"Potentially good" is what the title said, and what I meant.

It seems to me that many posters simply don't recognize that team's fortunes frequently change based on a low-cost pickup that pays a big reward. The beauty of a low-cost pick-up is you aren't stuck with a big bill if they don't pan out. I mean, Duchsherer didn't work out for us, but he cost us very little. Colon and Garcia gave the Yankees 310 innings of an ERA below 4.00 for a total cost of something like $2.5 mm.

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Justin Duch....wait...

Any previously successful ML pitchers around the age of 30 who are willing to sign a minor league deal should be signed. If they stink, who cares if they're pitching at Norfolk. If they do well, bring them on up! Its not like the rotation at Norfolk is too crowded these days. Outside of Tillman, Matusz, and S. Johnson (all who I expect to be pitching there on Opening Day), anyone else can be tossed aside or thrown in the bullpen.

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