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10 teams in the playoffs??


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When will they determine the structure of the play-in round?

Last I heard it was undetermined whether the two wild cards would play a one-game elimination or a three-game series.

I think they decided (don't know if it's official) that it'll be a one-game elimination. That way the other playoff teams won't have to sit around too long waiting for the wild-card series to finish.
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Let me know when one of 2 things happen:

A. The Orioles win at least 83 games or more in a season, so we can at least be mentioned in the same breath as the other teams that are contending for the pennant.

B. MLB expands the playoffs to 22 teams, which would thereby also have us in the conversation for a possible playoff spot.

Either way, I'll be tuned in to our beloved Orioles, as always. :)

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