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Dejesus to Cubs


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Tony, are you thinking of Ivan Dejesus? If you are I do not believe that David Dejesus is related in any way. Maybe I am wrong.

Yep, I thought the OP was talking about Iv?n DeJes?s Jr. I didn't click on the link to see it was David, who has no relation as far as I know.

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    • Westburg’s whiff rate is high but his strikeout rate is only 18% so it looks like he has a better approach with two strikes. Cowser has a beautiful swing but it’s like he tries to keep it level on low pitches instead of using the Tony Taters approach of letting the bat head go into golf mode.
    • Just a statement of how good this lineup is. Cowser will have a lot of RBI opportunities. With all the “starters” starting and Adley at Catcher, our 6-7-8-9 is Cowser, Mullins, Westburg, and Holliday.  Also, the league is tough and I’m sure they will adjust to whatever has been working for Cowser so far. 
    • By saying he is no Machado do you mean after he catches the ball he does not read the label on the ball and gun the throw to first?
    • A small run of guys maybe around Povich's general level are having MLB debuts around now, in some instances as injury fill-ins - HOU Spencer Arrighetti, CHW Nick Nastrini, TEX Jack Leiter just announced. High above, PIT Paul Skenes could be any day now, unless he needs to work on the Super 2 stuff as well. Roster Resource actually has Pittsburgh momentarily on a 9-man bullpen, and nobody listed for Friday night when they open a home series with the Red Sox.    Hmmm....
    • Cowser got a steady diet of breaking balls just under the zone last night, he was pitched to pretty well. He’s got a great eye for pitches off the plate and seems like he can cover the top of the zone well enough (although he has some whiff there too), but he looked pretty helpless on the low breaking pitches over the plate. Cowser and Westburg have very similar Statcast pages in that it’s a lot of red, they are clobbering the ball, but then have quite poor whiff rates. It’s a great development for both of them that they’re tapping into power that neither displayed at the MLB level last year, but there’s there’s going to still be some ups and downs with both of them of adjustments and counter adjustments to their scouting reports and opposing pitchers’ gameplans. I expect that both are going to settle in as above average hitters that capitalize on hitting mistakes, but have some clear holes in their game that can be consistently exploited when the pitcher executes.  
    • Funny how it works out when Guys like Elias and his front office Know more than us( you're pick Givens ,not so much) Frazier yes , Ohearn in Spades
    • Elias is so good at scouting every position except second base.
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