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Tracking O's Minor League Offseason Moves


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Thought it might be good to track all the players who are moving in and out of the O's organization. I'm sure this list will grow, with the Rule 5 draft, more signings, more cuts, etc. I've also decided to include all the minor league free agents that were recently let go from the O's system.


Signed to Major League Contract-

Matt Antonelli (was with San Diego)

Taylor Teagarden (trade with Texas)

Darren O'Day (was with Texas)

Ryan Flaherty (from Rule 5, was with Cubs)

Endy Chavez (was with Texas)

Jai Miller (was with Oakland)

Wilson Betemit (was with Detroit)

Dana Eveland (was with Los Angeles -NL)

Jason Hammel (trade with Colorado)

Matt Lindstrom (trade with Colorado)

Luis Ayala (was with Ney York -AL)

Signed to Minor League Contract-

Steve Tolleson (was with San Diego)

Scott Beerer (was with Colorado)

Miguel Socolovich (was with Chicago-AL)

Andy Loomis (from Rule 5 AAA phase, was with Philadelphia)

Matt Sweeney (from Rule 5 AA phase, was with Tampa Bay)

Antoan Richardson (was with Atlanta. The O's unsuccessfully drafted him twice BTW)

Jon Link (was with Los Angeles-NL)

Kyler Newby (was with Arizona)

Carlos Larez (no info)

Ross Wolf (was with Houston)

Allan De San Miguel (was with Minnesota)

Armando Galarraga (was with Arizona)

Winston Abreu (was with Toronto)

Travis Adair (was with Texas)

Edgardo Baez (was with Washington in 2010, did not play last year)

Robert Hinton (was with Milwaukee)

Scott Thomas (Independent League)

Pat Neshek (was with San Diego)

Ronnie Paulino (was with New York -NL)

Casey Fossum (was with New York -NL)

Chris Tremblay (was with San Diego)

Nick Johnson (was with Cleveland)

Stuart Pomeranz (was with Los Angeles -NL)

Greg Burke (was with San Diego)

Bobby Wilkins (Indy League)

Bobby Dombrowski (Indy League)

Josh N. Johnson (Indy League)

Kenneth Sigman (no info)

Josh Barfield (was with Philadelphia)

Dontrelle Willis (was with Cincinnati)

Jamie Hoffman (was with Los Angeles -NL)

Chris Robinson (was with Chicago -NL)

International Signings-

Kelvin Mena (Dominican Republic)

Jonatan Isenia (Venezuela)

Victor Medina

Yeizer Marrugo (Columbia)

Tsuyoshi Wada (Japan, signed to Major League Contract)

Eun Chul Choi (Korea)

Wei-Yin Chen (Taiwan -pitched in Japan, signed to Major League Contract)

Pita Rona (New Zealand)

Kim Sung-Min (Korea)

Andres Aguilar (Guatemala)

Oscar Villareal (last played in Mexican League)

Yi-Hsiang Lin (Taiwan)

Minor Leage Free Agents Re-signed-








S. Johnson


Minor leaguers signing with another Team-

Fox (signed with Pittsburgh)

J. Diaz (signed with Pittsburgh)

Spoone (signed with Boston)

Henry (traded to Texas)

Miclat (traded to Texas)

Henson (traded to Los Angeles-NL)

Martin (traded to Los Angeles-NL)

Lerud (signed with Philadelphia)

Ballard (signed with Washington)

Harris (signed with Colorado)

Abreu (signed with Philadelphia)

Atkins (signed with Washington)

Players from 40-man roster signing with another Team:

Accardo (signed with Cleveland)

Pie (signed with Cleveland)

Reyes (signed with Pittsburgh)

Florimon (claimed by Minnesota)

Snyder (traded to Texas for cash)

Hudson (signed with Texas)

Tatum (signed with Arizona, then claimed by New York- AL)

Izturis (signed with Milwaukee)

Jakubauskas (signed with Arizona)

Scott (signed with Tampa)

Guthrie (traded to Colorado)

Rapada (signed with New York -AL)

VandenHurk (signed with Toronto, then claimed by Cleveland)

Angle (signed with Los Angeles -NL)


Nate Nery

Moises Ciriaco

Pedro Rodriguez

Rojean Cleofa

Martin Serrata

Josh Dowdy

Tim Adelman

DJ Ferguson

Adam Gaylord

Jacob Julius

Mike Mooney

Travis Strong

Ryohei Tanaka

Dale Mollenhauer

Ricky Rivero

Will Startup

Cameron Roth

Free Agency-










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I looked around for some info on Kelvin Mena... other than being a catcher I couldn't find much else out.

The thing about 17-18 year olds out of the DO is that they are ridiculously raw and tough to project. I think that's why good scouts are important, because at that young it's important to find out their makeup, their body type, their swing, their tools, and if any of that can be easily changed if it needs to be.

The science is so inexact, to give a projection like "this kid could be Aramis Ramirez one day" (for example) would be like predicting lightning strikes and lotto numbers.

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The thing about 17-18 year olds out of the DO is that they are ridiculously raw and tough to project. I think that's why good scouts are important, because at that young it's important to find out their makeup, their body type, their swing, their tools, and if any of that can be easily changed if it needs to be.

The science is so inexact, to give a projection like "this kid could be Aramis Ramirez one day" (for example) would be like predicting lightning strikes and lotto numbers.

I think this is spot on.

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Anyone have any information on the international signings?? Are they anything to get excited about?

Well, I know Marrugo is Columbian and we signed him to a bonus of $120,000 so I'm guessing they see some potential in him. It's still a crap shoot, but I like the fact that we are actively involved here.

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Jonathan Isenia

CURACAO - The 18-year-old baseball player Jonathan Isenia last week signed a contract with the Baltimore Orioles, the baseball team from the U.S. Major League. In the presence of a notary signed the contract Isenia of the American team that starts in January.


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The O's, according to Baseball America's minor league transactions have also signed Ryan Edell and Carlos Larez. Edell is a minor league journeyman pitcher who looks like he might fit into Norfolk or Bowie's starting rotation. I couldn't find anything on Larez. Looks like there is an older Larez in professional baseball and is from Venezuela. Just guessing that this might be an IFA young kid from Venezuela.


OK, I've updated the OP to include these two as well as Newby. It's interesting that you're right - there's nothing on Carlos Larez. I guess we'll see where he ends up playing (maybe the DSL). Edell and Newby are both mildly interesting. They both put up good numbers, but were old for their respective leagues. Edell's control looks great (20BB in 149 IP, 1.201 WHIP). I think he's a good signing to add depth to theNorfolk rotation. Newby has spent the last three years in AA and I think that's probably where he'll be again.

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I punched in some numbers for these new pitchers we have.

Jon Link is not only replacing Mark Worrell, who left as a free agent, but stacks up pretty similarly to him. Both around 27-28, kicking around in AAA closing games, but unfortunately, Worrell was a full run better than Link. I think we remember Worrell quite well for his odd delivery and ability to pour gasoline on fires. I have a feeling that the Orioles will see Link later in the year.

Kyler Newby can be a bit compared to last years VDH. Both 26, both starters, low 4.00-ERA pitchers... the edge is to VDH though. I'm not sure that says much about Newby.

Andy Loomis is 25 and just finished a full season in A+. So did Ryan O'Shea and Kenny Moreland, if that makes you feel any better. Not much here.

Edell seems to be better than Atkins and VDH, but not as good as Tillman. He's certainly an upgrade to the Norfolk rotation if that's where they place him. Nothing here other than filler, but I've seen worse filler.

Socolovich seem legitimately like the only real upgrade we've obtained for AAA. He's only 24, mid-3.00 ERA in AAA last year. 11.5 K/9 (!!) but walks too many people. Not much control. If they can harness his wildness, he'd be an interesting late season starting replacement for the Orioles. Again, just a depth pick up, but I've seen much worse.

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    • If they are getting the bye I don't want to give them too much rest.
    • 28 man roster limits the amount of "resting" you can do.   Flaherty will start  a game vs Boston, I am sure.   And Irvin can come back up and start a game.   But you still got to get at least 108 outs vs the Red Sox and those two  probably take care of 33 at most. But we'll have all next week to rest pitchers. I can certainly see giving Adley some time off... the off day tomorrow, another complete game off sometime during the week, and maybe 1 or 2 games at DH as well.
    • I wonder what kind of contract he's looking for next year? I'm positive he likes this clubhouse a lot. He likes Hyde. We need a 5th starter and I've seen a ton of guys worse than Kyle Gibson make starts for the Baltimore Orioles. 
    • I’m with you but we know how much they prioritize the vets so you can pencil in Gibson for one of those starts, especially after today’s performance and even more so if they draw Toronto.    The remaining games will go: 9/26 Was  Bradish  9/27 Was  Rodriguez 9/28 Bos   Kremer 9/29 Bos   Means 9/30 Bos  Gibson 10/1  Bos  Bradish    The division round starts 10/7, which would give them plenty of time to set up their three starters for whatever order that they prefer. I agree with you that GrayRod should be one of the top 3 but if they draw Toronto I will not be surprised to see Kremer get the ball in one of the games because he flat-out dominated the Jays this year. Edit: If the O’s win their next two and Tampa loses one of their next two, that pushes the O’s lead in the division to four games in the loss column. Tampa could not beat them for the division title. Perhaps if that plays out they will skip some turns in the rotation to give extra rest. 
    • And being out of state, i would see very few Oriole games on TV during the year. If they were on the Saturday game of the week with Curt Gowdy and Tony Kubek, that was great.  Very rare though.  Same with Monday night baseball, although i do remember the Royals Monday night game in 1976 with Reggie Jackon.   And then watching in the playoffs was also a challenge as the games were on in the day and if you were in school, tough luck.  I do remember faking being sick and staying home to watch the O's and the A's in either 1973 or 1974.  Talk about monster teams. The only time i could listen to the O's on the radio was when they played the Angels.  I could pick up the game when it was light out, but when it got dark it was much harder to get.  But what a treat to be able to listen!!  Hard to understand in this day and age.
    • Today ended the race. Get this thing clinched against DC and rest your guys over the weekend.
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