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Whelp, The Mets Are Boned


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The Mets' financial situation is worse than we thought. I've written a few things over the last week or so, and during the process, I keep finding new facts alleged by the media about the dollars and cents -- or lack thereof -- which make this team run.

All these items are spread over tens of articles spread across, at this point, a half dozen different publications. After the jump, I try and cobble as much of it together as I can, with copious amounts of links.


Sum it up?


Right now, the Mets are running serious losses annually -- even including their profit share from SNY. There's no easy way for them to get enough cash to run the team, unless the Wilpons keep putting money in (if they can), and the current plan has a $240 million price tag attached to it, due 2017. They could sell a lot of their SNY stake, but that'd be a very painful sale -- and perhaps one fatal to the Wilpons' efforts to maintain their ownership of the team.

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