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For those who said Latos would not be traded this offseason...


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If Alonso is the second or third best player in the deal than it is a good trade IMO. I think that there is a chance that two of Hamilton, Grandal, Mesoraco, Boxberger, Frazier or Cozart could be in the deal IMO.

I think that there is a chance that Alonso, Grandal and Frazier/Cozart could be the deal.

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Wow, what a haul for SD.

Ok, so to answer MrOrange..the answer is no.

This is why they dealt him...because they were able to rip off the Reds.

Holy *#&$!!!!

The A's have to be KILLING themselves for not giving up Gonzalez for that package. That may be the most lopsided trade since Glenn Davis.

The Reds would have been MUCH better off dealing Alonso for Guthrie straight up, and then still could have dealt Volquez, Grandal and Boxberger for Gonzalez.

Eeesh. Talk about going for broke. One SP is not going to win them a WS, and now they have no talent coming through for a couple years.

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