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According to Jones...


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Well it's not like he's disclosed contract info or anything.

It's pretty obvious Fielder and the Orioles are a match, and if you see what hints Duquette has dropped by completely avoiding the Fielder question, mentioning they need to improve the OBP of the order from top to bottom, saying he has the go ahead from ownership to add a premium player if he felt it would improve the team LT, you can connect the dots.

The Orioles have been in on Prince from the get-go IMO, and when Boras mentioned that we had a "good one" in Duquette, that was the first hint...

Do they land him? That's going to be up to Prince and the Orioles but they've got a good shot.

And I'll vouch for the relationship...

Thank you Trea. Knew you would...

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Same trip. Two day trip. Didn't meet with O's brass apparently, just visited city. Boras has been in talks with the Orioles. Prince just toured around. His family was here as well.

Angelos is notoriously difficult to wrangle into a meeting. This isn't surprising. Boras likely advised Fielder to visit the city to leverage himself in negotiations with the Orioles/other clubs.

It's easier to just assume that Scott Boras is doing the smartest thing for his client first and then fill in the gaps later.

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Different GM behind the wheel.

Not saying it's going to happen, but MacPhail had no interest in paying Holliday even close to market value.

Then I'm still right... Hardy has nothing to do with whether Fielder will sign here. It's only about the $$$. And Fielder isn't taking less to play for us. I hope anyway.

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