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Rosenthal: O's and A's are teams most interested in Manny Ramirez


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There's a difference between adding an old guy to a contender to fill out one of the last spots on the team, and adding a 35-year-old DH for above market value and expecting him to productively bat cleanup for 150 games and teach your 70-win team to contend.

To be accurate, Floyd was added in 2008 when not many folks believed they would be a contender. Agree with you about the other guys, your overall point is correct, Manny or Damon or whoever would make a lot more sense if the O's were coming off of an 87 win season.

Maybe the FO thinks this team will compete. That is the only justification that would make signing Manny Ramirez even remotely defensible.

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Am I the only one who actually likes Manny? He's one of my favorite players of the era, I just don't want him anywhere near the 2012 Orioles.

He's an immensely entertaining person on- and off-the-field, though I guess it helps when you aren't a fan or media member invested in his team. That catch and high-five is one of my favorite things ever from the baseball I've watched. He's missed from the game, though not from the Orioles.

I never had a problem with Manny when he wasn't playing the Orioles. That is, until OPACY became a Manny and Boston love-fest for his 500th homer. Now I can never root for him again. If the O's sign him I will boo.

I can't fault him for that. Every Sox-Orioles game in Baltimore is a Boston love-fest. At least they didn't paint the seat red :P

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