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Angels GM Jerry Dipoto handwrites a response to fan?s trade suggestion (Some O's content)


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Writing direct responses to individual fans is not something Dipoto is expected to do, obviously. I don't think we'll be hearing many stories about other GMs sacrificing their valuable time to do so anytime soon, and that's not a mark against them at all.

But it's no secret Dipoto established a reputation during his front office stints with the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks of being a polished communicator and someone who's open, honest and confident. He's not threatened by feedback or dissenting opinions, he actually values them. And apparently that extends all the way to the fans.

It's that approach that helped Dipoto earn the respect of his teammates and coaches throughout his eight-year career in the big leagues, and it's that approach that continues to bring him success off the field as a scouting director, a director of player personnel and now a general manager.

Was really hoping he would come here but I can't blame him for going to L.A. It sure seems he's really got a great perspective on his place in the world..

By the way, Aaron noted in the comments section on Halos Heaven that his proposed trade would send Bobby Abreu and Alberto Callaspo to the Baltimore Orioles for minor-league infielder Jonathan Schoop and minor-league pitcher Clayton Schrader.

File those names away just in case there are any Angels-Orioles trade talks heating up in the coming weeks.

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