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Trecevio Dotel


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Octavio Dotel signed with Detroit this off-season after winning the World Series with St. Louis. The deal is a one-year, $3.5 million contract, which means that barring injury or some performance calamity, he will pitch for his thirteenth major-league club. This breaks a tie with three other players: Matt Stairs, Mike Morgan and Ron Villone.

Then again, Stairs just retired last year. he could come back for another try...

(Thanks to a Deadspin commenter for the title idea)

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    • Just watching the circus around Judge going for the AL HR record makes what Bonds did seem even more amazing.  Pitchers are purposely pitching to Judge because they don't want to get accused of dodging him and don't want Yankee fans showing up on their door steps.  Pitchers avoided Bonds all year when he set the record.  I assume he blew past 60 in early September.  Yes, of course Bonds was cheating/using steroids, but still amazing he was able to hit 45 HR in those conditions, much less 73.
    • Take on Stowers from last week's Eric Longenhagen chat at Fangraphs:  
    • Oweh's coverage grade last year was a lot better, and the snaps I saw of him in coverage he seemed to have pretty good instincts.  He might be getting exposed a bit in tougher coverage spots.  Which is no fault of his, he's playing out of position.
    • Only in those 3- day slow pitch softball tournaments
    • I'm saying average of $60mil increase per year, not year over year.  So you can add two players at 3 years/$30mil or 3 players for 3 years/$20mil or some variation of that.  Basically, I'm saying I think our payroll could be at ~$110 mil next year, and then after that, allow for year over year arb increases and minor addition/subtractions that put it ~140-150mil in 2025.
    • I can see lots of problems with deriving much from the averages. Multiple factors dictate how much steam a guy might put on each throw and the outfielders get running starts.  If an infielder is throwing an upper 80's fastball to first base on a regular basis, I'd say that's pretty good.  Urias may not have the best arm but from what I've seen he rarely short hops the first baseman.  He's accurate and I think his other fielding metrics support that he has plenty of arm for the position.  This stuff is interesting to see, nonetheless. 
    • Does Hays wanna convert to pitching?  Maybe then we wouldn't have to watch him flail away at sliders all summer. The one surprise here for me is Urias, I would have thought he would be closer to the top rather than closer to the bottom.  I don't think he has a hose but I always figured his arm was really good.  
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